Steak Night

Weekly Specials

Monday's -
Steak Night and Half Price Whisky

Friday's -
Cocktails & Longdrinks € 5,-

Saturday's -
1 euro Jagermeister! (2 cl) and
1 euro Strawberry Limers (2 cl)

Sunday's -
Brunch - €14,90 all u can eat
incl. Full English Breakfast and a drink


Welcome to the Fox and Hound Frankfurt

The Fox & Hound is nestled in the heart of the Westend, only a stones throw away from the main train station and Messe.

We are located in the centre of the banking district, and stock over 35 sorts of whiskies. We also offer traditional English food….. anything from fish and chips to the best steak in town!

Typical entertainment at the Hound includes Friday Night Jukebox (you choose the music!), and most major sporting events.

Our friendly staff will make sure that your every need is catered to.

Upcoming Sports

Tuesday, 6 Oct.

17:45  Canada v Romania (Rugby)

21:00  Fiji v Uruguay (Rugby)

Wednesday, 7 Oct.

17:45 South Africa v USA (Rugby)

21:00  Namibia v Georgia (Rugby)

Thursday, 8 Oct.

20:45 Ireland v Germany (Euro Qual.)

20:45  Scotland v Poland (Euro Qual.)

Friday, 9 Oct.

20:45 England v Estonia (Euro Qual.)

21:00  New Zealand v Tonga (Rugby)

Premier League at the Fox and Hound English Pub

Saturday, 3 Oct.

13:45  Crystal Palace v WBA

16:00 Manchester City v Newcastle United

Weekend Sports at the Fox and Hound English Pub, Frankfurt

Saturday, 3 Oct.

13:45 Crystal Palace v WBA

15:30 Samoa v Japan (Rugby World Cup)

16:00 Manchester City v Newcastle United

17:45 South Africa v Scotland (Rugby World Cup)

21:00  England v Australia (Rugby World Cup)

Sunday, 4 Oct.

15:30 Argentina v Tonga (Rugby World Cup)

15:10 New York Jets v Miami Dolphins (NFL)

17:45 Ireland v Italy (Rugby World Cup)

19:00 New York Giants v Buffalo Bills (NFL)

22:25 Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers (NFL)




Upcoming Sports

Monday, 28 Sept.

21:00  WBA v Everton (Premier League)

Tuesday, 29 Sept.

17:45  Tonga v Namibia (Rugby World Cup)

Wednesday, 30 Sept.

20:45  Manchester United v Wolfsburg (Champions League)

Thursday, 1 Oct.

17:45  Wales v Fiji (Rugby World Cup)

21:00  France v Canada (Rugby World Cup)

21:05  POAK Thessaloniki v Borussia Dortmund (Europa League)

Friday, 2 Oct.

21:00 New Zealand v Georgia (Rugby World Cup)


This Week’s Daily Specials


Weekend Sports

Friday, 25 Sept.

17:45  Argentina v Georgia (Rugby World Cup)

Saturday, 26 Sept.

15:30  Italy v Canada (Rugby World Cup)

16:00  Manchester United v Sunderland

17:45  South Africa v Samoa (Rugby World Cup)

21:00 England v Wales (Rugby World Cup)

Sunday, 27 Sept.

13:00  Australia v Uruguay (Rugby World Cup)

15:30  Scotland v United States (Rugby World Cup)

17:45  Ireland v Romania ((Rugby World Cup)

19:00  NFL Red Zone (After the Rugby… ca. 19:30)

19:00  Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints

22:35  Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills

Upcoming Sports


Tuesday, 22 Sept.

20:45  Aston Villa v Birmingham City (Capital One Cup)

Wednesday, 23 Sept.

15:30 Scotland v Japan (Rugby World Cup)

17:45  Australia v Fiji  (Rugby World Cup)

20:45  Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal (Capital  One Cup)

21:00  France v Romania  (Rugby World Cup)

Thursday, 24 Sept.

21:00 New Zealand v Namibia  (Rugby World Cup)


This Week’s Daily Specials


Opening times for Saturday, 5 Sept.

Dear Guests,

We will be CLOSED from 12:00 till 15:00 on Saturday, 5 Sept.  We will OPEN at 15:00.

Don’t miss the Rugby World Cup Warm-up at 15:30, England v Ireland followed by the EURO 2016 Qualifier at 18:00 San Marino v England.

Upcoming Sports

3 Sept. 20:45 Cyprus v Wales

3 Sept. 20:45  Netherlands v Iceland

4 Sept. 18:00  Georgia v Scotland

4 Sept. 20:45  Germany v Poland

4 Sept. 20:45 Gibralter v Ireland

5 Sept 18:00  San Marino v England

5 Sept. 20:45  Spain v Slovakia

6 Sept. 18:00  Turkey v Netherlands

6 Sept. 18:00  Wales v Israel

6 Sept. 20:45  Italy v Bulgaria